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Old Buildings

These Old Buildings are still available. They make wonderful additions, or even a wonderful core start for a brand new Historic Home.

Many Old Barns are still standing and ready to be reconstructed. Many Old Houses have already been documented and treasured away. Old Log Cabins are deconstructed and reconstructed in a matter of weeks.

These Old Buildings not only make sensitive and graceful Additions; they can also beautifully launch a brand new Classic Home with all the advantages of the new and all the charm of heritage! Today it’s called “New to Look Old”, a wonderful way to have the old world charm, the up-to-date features you need and ensure a future for our heritage buildings.

How it works: As soon you share your vision of the look and feel you want to achieve, ASN will locate a selection of fine Old Buildings which create that ambiance and serve all your other project goals.

When you’ve fallen in love with one (or two) of the Old Buildings of your dreams, the Deconstruction process begins and the new floor plan develops. The building is carefully drawn and documented, meticulously deconstructed and tagged, ready to be reconstructed on your foundation. Your design has plenty of room to create a building which serves your needs today and into the future.

Old Barns

Old Barns are taking their place as converted homes, retail outlets, workshops, warehouses, convention centers and of course, as barns. The sizes, ages and styles of barns are remarkably diverse and they’re all over the country. Size adaptations are simple to create; relocating and adapting post and beam buildings has been a tradition since medieval times. Architectural Salvage Network can help you find your barn and the timberframers to handle the entire relocation and adaptation process


Old Log Cabins

Old Log Cabins look great as either a 1 ½ story or a 2 ½ story addition to Old Houses or they can be the start of a great new home.

An addition can be a gentle expansion to your space or comprise a significant portion of the floor plan.  For a Brand New “Old House”, it is easy to cobble several Old Log Cabins together to create a roomy floor plan that is just right. There are many styles, periods and sizes. They also make great vacation homes, guest quarters and outbuildings. 

These Old Log Cabins come down and go up very quickly and you can outfit them with all the good necessities of modern living. We can find the perfect cabin for you and the professionals to move them and reconstruct them.


Old Houses

Deconstructed and Reconstructed Old Houses are a great beginning to all the best that can be! They can work as the inspiring start to a new home or hit the perfect note as a graceful addition to a pre-existing historic building.

You can provide for all of the wonderful innovations and necessities for the modern lifestyle as you rebuild and, at the same time, surround yourself with the height of old world charm!

Old Houses can be an aesthetic design inspiration for any “New Old House” core or addition needed to meet today’s living needs. Many of these old houses are really very, very wonderfully old.

Each Old House comes complete with the wonderful professionals who can make this happen just the way you want.



Corn Cribs, Outhouses, Summer Kitchens, Smoke Houses, Wagon Sheds…. Lots of looks, still around…

 Outbuilding to be salvaged and moved to beninhd your dream house.  Corn Crib Outbuildings found in salvage yards ready for reuse.



Old Buildings and Stewardship

These old buildings are endangered because they either find themselves permanently in the wrong place or they cannot find their way into supporting current human needs in the 21st century. They are eventually facing the permanent solution of the landfill. They need your good old American ingenuity.

With your good Stewardship, old buildings can often be saved and moved and live again for another 200 years. When a building needs help coming more fully into the 21st Century, adaptations are okay. Especially if it means you are saving an old building from the landfill. Adaptations can be made with a minimum of invasiveness and a maximum eye to ensuring that this heritage architecture serves your life well. With your care, old buildings may continue to be part of our lives for another two centuries.

Adopt an Old Building! They are disappearing from our landscape at an alarming rate. Save them from the Landfill and Surround yourself with history and old world craftmanship. Living with this kind of craftsmanship will inspire you!


Our Networking Service is driven by your vision, by what you treasure and what you love. Let us do the rest. Put the Network “to work” for you!

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